Chuck Roberts departs from the College

Amidst murky circumstances, Chuck Roberts, formerly known to the campus as a patrol supervisor with Campus Safety and Security (CSS), is no longer an employee of the College.

Jim Kolesar, assistant to the president for public affairs, confirmed that Roberts’s employment was terminated as of Dec. 18, but declined to comment further. Dean Merrill and Jean Thorndike, director of Security, declined to comment as well.

According to Tracey Vitchers ’10, co-chair of the Women’s Center, members of both the Women’s Center and the Rape and Sexual Assault Network (RASAN) were involved with Roberts’s situation, although Vitchers herself was not. The students involved were unable to comment, citing legal reasons.

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  1. He should have gotten the boot long ago. What a creep. Also, I want my bong back.
    -Cecilia Lederer ’06

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