An aesthetic makeover

Starting with this issue, the Record has received moderate typographical, graphical and layout changes designed to enhance legibility and aesthetic appeal.

Gill Sans, the previous font used for headlines and captions, has been replaced with Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk. In addition, Times, the former text typeface, has been replaced with Adobe Garamond. As Akzidenz-Grotesk and Garamond are better proportioned than their predecessors, the changes both improve readability and increase layout flexibility.

Section headers have been modified to reflect the Neo-grotesque aesthetic of Akdizenz-Grotesk. Record board members considered a Humanist typeface like Gill Sans ill-suited for headlines, deeming its subtle flourishes and inter-character variations to be inelegant. The Board selected Akzidenz-Grotesk from an array of other Neo-grotesque alternatives, regarding its relative uniqueness in the face of other more commonly used sans serif typefaces as distinctively emblematic of new Record aesthetics.

A redesigned front page constitutes the final layout revision. Front page space has been at a premium since the Record’s downsizing to a 12 in. broadsheet in the fall of 2008. Shifting the issue’s content preview to the more concise format used by the former 15 in. broadsheet simultaneously allows for a more streamlined front page appearance and increases available article space. These layout changes will permit the inclusion of more content in spite of the Record’s physical downsizing and financial contraints.

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