Fall damages lower than in prior years

Midway through the semester, campus damages are much lower than in previous years, according to Bea Miles, director of Facilities. As of Oct. 17, campus residences had incurred a total damage cost of $715.96.

Last March, the total damages cost for the year had amounted to $11,000; as of this month, the campus is on track to have a much lower expense, given the bio-hazard clean-ups and vandalism incidents that typically cause a surge in costs. Last fall, the total damages cost for the fall semester was $2679.

Facilities has not yet processed work orders for the damages incurred at the WUFO Purple Valley party on Oct. 17, but Miles noted that Greylock Dining Hall had significant bio-hazard damage. According to Miles, the remnants of the WUFO party constituted “by far some of the most disgusting things the custodians have ever had to deal with.” Miles stated that the WUFO party will probably amount to a fee of $200 because of the two hour overtime charges for custodians and a $150 severe damage fine.

Last year, Tyler Annex had accrued over $4000 in damages and was therefore largely responsible for the campus damage total. So far this semester, Tyler has a damages bill of $62.28, the lowest invoice of the six houses who have racked up fees. Currier has the highest bill, at $186.84, followed by Agard at $160, Prospect at $158, Wood at $150 and Morgan at $98.84.

Most of the damages have been the standard clean-ups related to student parties and drunken carelessness. According to Aaron Gordon, assistant director of Campus Life for residential programs, the fee for Wood was related to a single bio-hazard accident. Shela Suh ‘12, a Baxter Fellow for Prospect, said that Prospect’s damage fee is due largely to a bathroom mirror stolen from the third floor.

Overall, however, Miles has been pleased with the relatively low number of campus damages. “Students are being much more respectful,” Miles said.

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