Virginia coalition to play at Homecoming

This year’s Homecoming concert will feature rock-folk band Virginia Coalition. The concert is sponsored by All-Campus Entertainment (ACE), also in charge of the Spring Fling concert, the other major concert of the year.
According to Homecoming concert coordinator Teri Hoffman ’10, the event will cost a total of $9000. That comprehensive fee includes $5500 for talent, $3000 for sound, lights and facilities and $500 for costs associated with hosting the band. ACE budgeted $12,000 for the Homecoming concert this year, the same amount that the group budgeted for last fall’s concert. Hoffman said that the extra $3000 that ACE is not spending on bringing Virginia Coalition would either fund a smaller show in February or contribute to the Spring Fling concert.

ACE waited until late September to start making choices about the Homecoming band, mostly because its members had to wait for the Athletics department to grant permission for use of Lasell and to inform ACE of possible dates. “By that time, the selection of bands in our price range was slim,” Hoffman said.

Unlike Spring Fling, for which ACE traditionally uses an all-campus poll to pick a band from a list of choices, the choice for the Homecoming show depends largely on ACE and the member in charge of booking that concert. The three finalists for the Homecoming concert this year were Fun., Pat McGee and Virginia Coalition. Hoffman noted that ACE members were essentially divided between Fun. and Virginia Coalition but decided against Fun. as the group would require ACE to rent instruments for the band.

Virginia Coalition, whose members Andy Poliakoff, Paul Ottinger and Jarrett Nicolay founded the group a decade ago, has just released its latest studio album, Home This Year. According to Hoffman, the majority of the songs they will perform will probably be more recent tracks from this album, but the band has no obligation to inform ACE of the set list beforehand.

Guitar Digest said of the new album: “Throughout the disc, it’s easy to draw some comparison of the qualities that have worked for John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, Loggins & Messina and Bruce Hornsby.”

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