Tough economy strikes McClelland’s, North Adams theater

McClelland's closed its doors Thursday after 83 years.
McClelland’s closed its doors Thursday after 83 years.

Within two days last week, both Movieplex 8 in North Adams and McClelland’s Stationery and Office Supplies on Spring Street closed their doors due to financial difficulties. The cinema is slated to reopen in the coming weeks under different ownership.

McClelland’s closed on Oct. 15. The store first opened as McClelland Press on Spring Street in 1926. Years later, in 1976, McClelland’s bought an office supply and stationery store in the Colonial Shopping Center. In 1977, it bought out Chapel Press on North Street and moved all of its press operations to that location, relocating the stationery store to Spring Street. In 1983, it opened another stationary store on Main Street in North Adams.

Both the greeting card store, located on Main Street, and McClelland Press, on North Street, will remain open. McClelland’s Stationery and Office Supplies on Spring Street, however, will not be reopening.

Neither William Elder, the owner of McClelland’s, nor the store’s employees could be reached for comment for this article. Elder informed The North Adams Transcript that the closing is due to lack of business, but he would not provide further details.

Movieplex 8 closed on Oct. 13 after Rutland, Vt.’s Cinema North Corp. formally stated that it planned to declare bankruptcy. According to an Oct. 14 article in the Transcript, First Hartford Realty – the company that owns the building in which Movieplex 8 had its theaters – plans to finance the reopening of the theater during the next few weeks. “I will step in and run it as a brand new cinema as soon as I’m allowed to step in,” Neil Ellis, president and CEO of First Hartford Realty, told the Transcript.

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