Second Chance dance planned for senior class

In response to the disappointment expressed by members of the senior class due to the early shutdown of the First Chance dance on Oct. 3, the Class of 2010 officers have begun to plan a “Second Chance” dance, slated to occur on Nov. 21. According to Class President Lisa Chu ’10, funds for the dance will come from a combination of the revenues from First Chance, Campus Life grants and College Council (CC).

By coordinating with Dining Services, Campus Life and Facilities, the class officers have secured Paresky as the venue for the event. On the evening of Nov. 21, Snack Bar will be temporarily relocated to Mission Dining Hall. Second Chance will feature an open bar, as opposed to the cash bar at First Chance. A cash bar is required by law any time tickets are sold to an alcohol-serving event.

“We are excited they are allowing us to use Paresky,” Chu said. She described Paresky as the ideal venue for Second Chance, since it poses no risk for the noise complaints that shut down First Chance and the set-up would be much less complicated than that of last year’s version of the party, when the actual dance took place in Lasell and alcohol was served in Goodrich. The basic format of this fall’s First Chance will be preserved: The dance will be semi-formal and DJ Sid Mehra ’10 will provide entertainment. “We are working out logistics to make everything run smoothly,” Chu said.
The class officers are still in the process of determining the budget for the party. First Chance was budgeted to cost between $10,000 and $12,000, but according to Class Treasurer Mike Marchinetti ’10, the final cost was a few thousand dollars less because the caterer did not open all of the kegs it brought. Marchinetti said that over 400 tickets were sold for First Chance, and a portion of these funds has been earmarked for future use for senior events. However, Chu highlighted the difficulty of calculating a firmer estimate of the revenues, since the officers are still turning in receipts and accounting for the students who put the $20 ticket on their term bills.

According to Chu, the officers will try to minimize the amount of money they draw from First Chance revenues, and from the general senior class fund, allocated by the College to sponsor senior class events. To do so, the officers are planning to apply for a Campus Life grant to fund the majority of the party, and might turn to CC for supplemental funds. “The money is going to be there,” Chu said. “We’re trying our best to make this not affect our senior class budget.”

Neither Chu nor Marchinetti could offer a cost estimate for Second Chance but said it would be significantly less than First Chance because they would not need to rent a tent or pay for a liquor license.

The officers are planning to meet on Monday to finalize funding and other logistical arrangements.

Additional reporting by Amanda Korman and Jared Quinton, Record staff.

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  1. I hope the party barn is ready by my senior year! And give the class officers a break – it’s obviously the administration that is to blame.

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