Middlebury’s attack overruns men’s rugby

The Williams Rugby Football Club (WRFC) White Dawgs got off the bus in Middlebury on Saturday knowing there was a tough battle ahead. Within the first minute of the game, they knew this was a more than accurate impression. Within the first five minutes, the Panthers were up two tries to none.

In response, the White Dawgs banded together and adjusted their defense in an attempt to slow down the Middlebury overload. The impact was immediately felt as the Panthers scoring slowed dramatically from a prodigious deluge to a simple, run-of-the-mill flood. In addition, Bryant Renaud ’11 was able to force a missed conversion kick by charging the Middlebury kicker aggressively in the 30th minute. Unfortunately, the White Dawgs could not build an effective dam or entirely stem the tide; they fell, 78-0.

The Killer Bs came out ready to avenge the A side’s defeat. Middlebury exploited a bad opening call by the referee, making the score 7-0. After a quick adjustment to the defense, Williams was ready to fight back. The superior White Dawg scrum repeatedly drove over the Middlebury pack, giving Danny Tessler ’12 the opportunity to score a try; he completed the conversion himself, tying up the game. Alex Howard ’10 soon scored on a breakaway try to put the Bs up; the Panthers were able to come back, however, tying the game with 22 seconds left on the clock.

The time then seemed an insurmountable opponent, but the Killer Bs looked into each others’ eyes and found the resolve needed to poke in the last score. Julio Luquin ’13 made an ingenious move to escape a Middlebury opponent and put a dropgoal through the uprights, winning the game 17-14 for the White Dawgs.

WRFC will face off against Amherst on Oct. 31.

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