WWRFC falls to Cadets

The most anticipated away game of the season is the hotel room away game. As the Williams Women’s Rugby Football Club (WWRFC) almost traveled to Canada to play Norwich (NU), the Best Western had the pleasure of hosting all 30 female ruggers.

The next morning proved to be just as pleasant as the one before – cold with a 40-percent chance of partly miserable. As it was Norwich’s alumni weekend, cannons were literally firing at random, and shell smoke dawdled upon the pitch, but the White Dawgs were not intimidated. Last week the White Dawgs played on a baseball field and this week they would play upon a battlefield.

Norwich’s pitch was dubiously regulation-sized, as its width seemed far larger than the usual, and NU used this to their advantage, placing their backs egregiously wide. While the WWRFC forwards successfully won and stole various scrum-downs, the combination of the military school’s aerobic conditioning and its incredible use of stiff arms wore the White Dawgs down, and the Cadets were able to put 25 points on the board.

However, this did not stop the WWRFC from employing strategically placed penalty kicks, punches and runs up the middle. As Norwich looked on, the WWRFC would refuse them a shut-out, as fly-half Sarah Franklin ’10 nailed a conversion and put the WWRFC on the board. At halftime, the score was 25-3.

The final score of 32-3 might imply a less than valiant effort by the WWRFC; it must be noted, however, that all 15 players walked off the pitch knowing that they had left it all on the field. Incredible defensive maneuvers kept Norwich to only one try in the second half, and the White Dawgs ended the match pleased with their performance.

The Killer Bs took the field inspired by their A-side. Playing in what felt like a kiddie rugby pitch, the B-side was led by Mai Okimoto ’13 at scrumhalf. Dilia Ortega ’13 had strong punches, taking various Norwich cadets down as she tractored through them. Cat Vielma ’10 and Bethany Baker ’10 both scored, keeping shake and bake alive despite destiny’s desire to keep them apart. While the final score was 10-10, the Bs continue to improve and provide depth for their A-side.

The WWRFC will don its white jerseys all week as the ladies prepare for the match of the season versus Amherst. The match will be at 11 a.m. at Cole Field.

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