Vermont beats men’s rugby

The Williams Rugby Football Club (WRFC)’s White Dawgs arrived at University of Vermont on Saturday excited to take the field against a team named after a cat. Little did they know that this was not your friendly run-of-the-mill household feline, but rather a mountain lion.

The Mountain Lions offense came out hard, driving forcefully, putting up a quick 14 points before the White Dawgs could fire back. Thinking quickly, Jeff Churchill ’10 and Bryant Renaud ’11 put their heads together but came away with more aches than solutions to the cat problem.

Driving steadily into enemy territory, Mike Moss ’11 and his fellow forwards threatened the opponents’ red zone. Panicking as this pack of White Dawgs crept onwards, the Cats became increasingly desperate and resorted to their claws, ultimately drawing a penalty. Williams’ Chuck Toomajian ’11 took advantage of two such occasions by poking through two penalty kicks. At the half, UVM led Williams 14-6.

The wily White Dawgs ramped up their aggression in the second half, but the cantankerous Catamounts were just as fierce. Taking advantage of a few crucial injuries to the Williams side, UVM scored four more tries. Toomajian delivered another successful kick for the WRFC, making the score 42-9. The White Dawgs left the pitch without a win but with their chins held high and secret held close to their hearts: The Killer Bs were on their way.

Williams’ B side came out with considerably more knowledge on the subject of catamounts and the relevant kingdom, family and phylum. This advantage played out quickly for Julio Luquin ’13, who quickly scored a try, leaving no fewer than four UVM players in his wake clutching at their sides in agony. Not wanting to be outdone, Kushatha Fanikiso ’13 followed suit, making the score 12-0 at the half.

As the superior size and skill of the Williams pack continued to show, the game was finally paused to bring the Cats some mercy. Both teams agreed to have uncontested scrums so that UVM could have some hope of competing. With the White Dawgs thus leashed to the stake in the front yard, the Cats were able to sneak a try in. Disgusted with the new constraint, Ali Mctar ’13 surprised everyone by putting up a drop goal to make the final score 15-7. The Bs walked off the field to the applause of their A side.

The White Dawgs will face off against Middlebury in two weeks.

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