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672243345_RdhgW-MI, Noah Schechter, was late showing up for my meeting with Aaron Flack ’11, who graciously met me just outside the new student lounge/resources center/computer lab – a spot in Paresky I’d never been to. As I approached, Flack appeared calm, sagacious and Patrick Swayze handsome. In the grip of his firm handshake, and despite my meticulously prepared research, I decided to throw caution to the wind and ask about what I saw . . .

So Aaron, what’s the name of your first pet?


If you could rename Puddles with the most badass name ever what would it be?

Probably Elrond.


Elrond, like the elf king.

Oh! Are you into Lord of the Rings?

I’m a big fan.

If you were any of the creatures from Middle Earth, what race would you be?

An elf, definitely.

Would you have gotten on the boat with Gandalf, or stayed like Legolas and hung out in Middle Earth?

The grass is always greener, so I probably would’ve gone to the greener grass.


Lord of the Rings definitely screwed me over a few times. I was with this girl after First Fridays and I started quoting line for line and she peaced out.


I figure if she’s not down with Lord of the Rings, I’m not down with her. I’m sure you feel me.

I, Jamie Pickard, totally felt what Aaron was saying. I couldn’t imagine how any girl would turn away from Lord of the Rings pick-up lines, especially from such a nice Jewish boy, so I decided to take over this One in 2000 with a few questions of my own.

How do you feel about our new president Adam Falk?

I think he’s a good guy. I went to hear him speak and my dad said he’s Jewish so I’m definitely pumped about that.

So you are pretty famous on YouTube for a math video. [What You Know About Math – look it up.] Do you know how many hits you have?

I have a pretty good idea.

How many?

Well if you combine the two versions from the first video, probably 3.8 million.

Wow. Have you gotten any good responses from strangers?

I have gotten many good responses from strangers. Some little kids have asked me to take pictures with them at restaurants. No joke. It’s just really awkward. And I think it was on E! and we got called by CNN, which was pretty cool.

Well, what inspired you to make the video?

You know, everyone always asks me that and I don’t know. I just thought of it one day.

I hear that you enjoy writing poetry.

Who did you hear that from?

Jared [Quinton ’10]. So what inspires you?

That happened one time. That was on a WOOLF trip.

So you don’t actually enjoy writing poetry?

I mean I’ve been known to write a poem every now and then, but no that’s false.

So you are a self-proclaimed nerd right?


Where is your favorite place to study on campus?

Sawyer Two by the guy’s bathroom.

Do you have a carrel?

I like to think I do but I didn’t sign up for one.

So you steal someone else’s?


Have you ever been kicked out of a carrel?

Yes, in Schow.

How did that make you feel?

I mean I couldn’t blame the girl because she clearly took her studying very seriously. But I definitely left some trash in her carrel the next day.

So Aaron, you told me this morning that your band was practicing this Thursday. What was the thought process behind the name Free Beers?

There was no thought process. The [Battle of the Bands] concert [last year] was advertised as me, Jack [Killea ’11], Jake [Wagner ’11] and Siwol [Chang ’12] and there would be some free beers there for people to drink. But the administration said you aren’t allowed to advertise alcohol at an event. So then Matt Felser [’09] coined the name Free Beers.

Do you ever get teased for your last name?

I get a lot of flack for my last name. There was one point in high school when everyone just ran around yelling “Aflac!” like the duck because of my initials. So that was probably the worst.

Now this is the point in the interview where things get serious. Are you ready?


Have you ever been in love?

Jesus Christ. [Long pause again racking his brain] No.

Do you have any wise advice for someone searching for love?

Wise advice for someone seeking love. Hmm. Don’t listen to the haters.

Have you ever been to a job interview?


When they ask you what are your biggest weaknesses, what do you say?

That I talk too much. That’s probably about right.

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