St. Michael’s tops White Dawgs

There were no halos around the St. Michael’s players as they showed up to the pitch on Saturday. No holy aura. No heavenly chorus on the wind. In fact, the St. Mike’s players walked onto the field that day with no wings, and arguably few souls amongst them. It will come to no surprise that the St. Mike’s Kinless Knights drove hard into the White Dawgs’ lines, scoring two tries in the first half to make the score 14-0.

The White Dawgs were not to be outdone for long, however, and realizing that no rightful Almighty would truly support such a spiteful squad of pernicious paladins, they looked to heaven above for support. With stars in his eyes and music in his ears Bryant Renaud ’11 put a kick into the air right over the opposing 14. The enemy player must have feared his final judgment then, as the footsteps of Stanislas Monfront ’12 thundered down on him. These footsteps were multiplied 14-times over, as the other 14 Williams’ players crashed down upon him and left him empty-handed. Using his prodigious height and stupefying ups, Chris Liguori ’10 leapt from a full 11 yards out to dive in for the try. The victory was short-lived, however, as the Knights mounted their scrum like pawing horses, and brought their cavalry to bear. Spitting feudal humbuggeries the whole way, St. Mike’s poked one last try through the White line, leaving the field with a 21-6 victory over Williams.

The day was not lost, however, as a motley lot of William’s Killer Bs took the field with fire in every eye and a scowl on every face. Near the conclusion of the first half the first casualty took place. Tim Marrs ’11 was carried from the pitch with a cramping sensation in every heart and the sweet smell of peaches wafting from some unknown orchard where he would ultimately come to rest. That was the last straw for Oscar Moreno ’11, who used the pause in play to summon his mates’ courage and gather their strength. With precious little time left in the half he led the charge forward, muscling through the Knights leaden armor to score a try. At the half the score read: Williams 7, St. Mike’s 0.

When Williams took the pitch in the second half, it was a different team altogether. Sizing each other up, Julio Luquin ’13 and Ali Mctar ’13 decided it was time for the bash brothers to go to work. Unhorsing Knights left and right, the men brought home the second score of the match. The Knights made a valiant rebuttal, but the end was already determined, the outcome known. All told, the Killer Bs walked off the field with a 14-9 victory.

The WRFC’s next game will be at the University of Vermont this Saturday.

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