Zilkha Center proposal plans to limit student printing next fall

Next week the Zilkha Center, in conjunction with the Committee on Priorities and Resources, will present a proposal to senior staff that sets printing allotments for each student, monitored by the PaperCut paper management software system through students’ log-ins.

Each semester, students will be given $50 worth of printing credits, which is the equivalent of 500 double-sided, black and white pages. Seniors will be given $75 worth of credit “due to the higher expectations of writing intensive course work.” Students who exceed this allotment will be able to pay for additional credits in $5 increments.

The proposal notes that the printing allotments were based on tracking that took place during the past academic year. “In the fall, some students printed as few as one to two pages on networked printers while others printing practices resulted in the consumption of almost 5000 pages,” the proposal states. “While printing documents that include readings, homework and assignments is a necessary and important part of the education, we can develop more responsible printing practices.”

While the proposal is still in its initial stages, Stephanie Boyd, director of the Zilkha Center, said that she expects that “something similar to the proposal” will be adopted in the fall.
“We will continue to work out the details of the system throughout the summer and actively work with students and student organizations and others on campus in the fall to make this approach to printing management workable,” she said.

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