Reflections on College swine flu precautions

On April 29, 2009, when Director of Health Services Ruth Harrison notified the student body of the new swine flu precautions that would affect dining, custodial and Health Center operations, students did not know what to expect. For the last two weeks, Dining Services staff has been doling out individual portions accurate to the number of requested potatoes to students as they move through buffet lines. The custodial staff has been cleaning bathrooms and common spaces so frequently that every time we leave our rooms, we have another chance to exchange friendly greetings. The Health Center staff has been very available and informative about the swine flu and communicated its message to the Williams campus very effectively. They have patiently addressed student questions about the value of implementing the precautions that are in place and made all feel very safe on campus.

As we are quickly nearing the end of school, we would like to recognize the incredible dedication that the dining, custodial and Health Center staff have demonstrated in response to the swine flu epidemic. We cannot thank these staff members enough for the extra work that they have taken on to protect the students. As you may note, while there have been six identified cases of swine flu at Amherst, there have been thus far none at Williams. We appreciate that the hard work of our Williams community members has played a pivotal role in keeping our infection rate at zero. So, students, next time you go to the dining halls, see your custodian or stop by the Health Center, make sure to offer a germ-free thank you.

Mike Tcheyan ’10 and Lizzy Brickley ’10
College Council Co-Presidents

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