Record coverage of Campus Life misrepresents Office

The Record should be ashamed and disappointed in the journalistic integrity of the articles it has put forth regarding the Office of Campus Life (OCL). The most laughable parts of its stories this semester and editorial last week are its continued belief that bounce houses and candy are the best things the OCL offers. This shows that the Record does not understand the function of the Office of Campus Life and clearly has no viable basis for its critique.

I will be the first to say that Campus Life is not reaching its full potential. This is mainly because of short-sighted cynicism like that which the Record displays on a regular basis in its reporting on Campus Life. The door is always open, and unless there is a full staff meeting, you will find someone there during the business day. Yes, the staff takes lunches and occasionally goes on vacation, but as students, we are in no place to criticize the processes that make our collegiate lives function. While we’re off working at internships, being with our families or enjoying life in other ways, the staff is here dealing with rooming situations for the withdrawn or abroad, preparing for their responsibilities for First Days, getting ready for Room Draws or developing professionally. Campus Life is not here to solely make your life more fun. The OCL staff function to provide a service and handle the concerns of students while making an effort to facilitate leadership growth. Programming occurs from the office at times, but the emphasis is on helping student leadership blossom.

The students of Williams rely on the same batch of people to do all their social programming time and time again – thus it seems as though Campus Life is not reaching out as far as it should. I get it – Williams’ students are autonomous. They like doing things on their own. That does not mean that the Office of Campus Life should shrink as a result of a small student population running the show, and it’s time for students and the Record to realize this. Those students who choose to currently come by the Office walk in, chat and get things done. The rest should feel free to stop on in and do the same. That’s when the Office works best. Plus you never know, you might just get some candy out of it as well.

Schuyler Hall ’10
Student Activities/Leadership Intern for the Office of Campus Life.

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