College overreacting to swine flu issue

I believe the College and the rest of the world is strongly overreacting to H1N1; China has started to quarantine Mexicans, and Egypt has begun slaughtering its 300,000 pigs. These and other acts taken to prevent swine flu are causing more harm than good. If I catch swine flu, the effect it will have on my life will be far less severe and negative than the College swine flu policy changes have had; I would go to Mexico and bathe in swine flu for three days, if, only when I came back, I would be allowed to serve my own food and not have parties canceled.

I understand the danger to those with other health complications and immune deficiencies, but the actions taken by the school are ineffective and futile. For one, the dining halls’ preventive measures are instantly voided when people hand their ID card over to the card swiper (who touches everyone’s card) and then are handed back their card (the cards might as well be a swine flu delivery service). During Earth Week, we had to spend a brutal week without trays (a noble cause against the evils of trays), but all of that suffering has now been outweighed by the wasteful policies of Dining Services such as plastic silverware and individually packaged items. Let us stop overreacting to swine flu and start to concentrate on more important tragedies such as an ongoing genocide in Darfur that will kill more people than swine flu ever will, badass pirates and hourly walkthroughs in Tyler.

Kevin Dunn ’11

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