Spencer residents scattered in supplemental draw

Paresky and the Log again played host to this year’s room draw, held April 21 and 22, with a third night on April 23 for the 19 sophomores at the end of Spencer Neighborhood’s lottery who did not get housing in the first round. Since a large number of students indicated that they will be on campus in the fall, Campus Life had to convert 13 singles into doubles and three lounges into student rooms. No significant policy changes occurred in room draw this year, and past trends were observed once more.

Aaron Gordon, assistant director of Campus Life, reported that the process ran similarly to last year. “Everything kind of went as we expected, and smoothly, considering that leading up to it, we changed rooms,” Gordon said, referring to the April 20 e-mail he sent to the campus announcing the conversion of the 16 rooms. While the majority of converted rooms were found in Currier and Fayerweather, which are both in Currier Neighborhood, bed space was added to each neighborhood.

Abundant student presence for the coming fall was responsible for both the overflow of Spencer Neighborhood and the converted rooms. Gordon explained that “from unequal distribution in study abroad students, JAs and students in co-ops and off-campus housing” across neighborhoods, the number of Spencer students exceeded the Spencer neighborhood capacity.

A separate lottery was set up specially for the these Spencer sophomores, who were then able to pick into whatever rooms were left on campus, including picks such as a double in Dodd housing, half doubles in Wood and Spencer and a small portion of Dennett basement. Twenty-one students were identified as potentials for this lottery, but Campus Life managed to shrink that number to 19 by maximizing all spaces in Spencer.

“I think they did a good job of keeping their groups together,” Gordon said. “People who wanted to be together were able to stay together at the end of the day.”

Despite the complications with student crowding, gender caps were maintained in all but one building, Carter, and the rule about picking into half doubles before singles was not broken.

According to Gordon, there were “no big surprises” in room selection trends, although more seniors than usual picked into doubles, while singles were still open. Currier Neighborhood saw Currier and especially Fitch filling first, with East, Fayerweather and Prospect following; doubles in East and Fayerweather were chosen last. Dodd singles and even doubles in Dodd Quad houses were generally selected before Thompson or last-picked Tyler House and Tyler Annex. Perry filled up first in Wood Neighborhood, followed by Wood, with Agard and Garfield being selected earlier than usual and Carter and Gladden closing last. In Spencer Neighborhood, students in the regular lottery chose Spencer House and Morgan singles before picking into West and other Morgan rooms, selecting Mark Hopkins and Bryant at the end.

“The students were very good about the last-minute changes, flexible and understanding about having a lot of people on campus for the fall,” Gordon said. “With any luck, we’ll have a situation where people change their plans and try go abroad at the last minute to free things up in December.”

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