Club cycling finishes season strong

The cycling team had its last race of the season at the Harvard/MIT-hosted event in Worcester, Mass. The course was a nine-mile loop of mostly rolling hills with very sheer slopes in the middle. This three-quarter miles of steep climbing turned out to be the decisive section of the course with some racers having to walk their bikes up the last part of the hill on later laps. The course ran near a lake that produced strong headwinds when approaching the main climb of the race.

Hanna Saltzman ’12 made her racing debut with an impressive first place finish in the Women’s Intro field. Lauren Goldstein-Kral ’12 placed 26th in the Women’s B field, and JJ Augenbraun ’11 placed 27th in the Men’s D field.Saltzman’s victory in the Women’s Intro field was due to her experience with hills around Williamstown. She started at the back, then realized that she would be able to compete for a victory and passed the other racers on the steep incline. She ended the race in a sprint and won by two seconds.

“I hadn’t ever tried a bike race before, and I really enjoyed the competition and meeting all the other bikers,” Saltzman said. “I am excited to keep training for next season.”

Goldstein-Kral completed a 36 mile road race in which about 15 bikers in her category did not finish. Augenbraun finished his 32 mile race in a pack, with an ending sprint so strenuous one rider crashed.

Williams finished the season in 11th place out of over 30 teams in the division. Although she had to miss the majority of the season with a broken collarbone, Cecilia Davis-Hayes ’11 finished in second place overall in the Women’s B field, having competed in only three events. Captain Anouk Dey ’09, finished 15th in the Women’s B field after competing in only two weekend events. Next year the team looks forward to Davis-Hayes’ return and the development of current underclassmen racers.

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