Cycling bikes at Frat Row Criterium

Cycling competed at the Frat Row Criterium last weekend, following a course which started and finished on Dartmouth’s Frat Row. Captain Anouk Dey ’09 placed fourth in the women’s B field, and rookie Lauren Goldstein-Kal ’12 placed 21st in the same category. JJ Augenbraun ’11 placed fourth in his second race of the season in the men’s intro field. The course was particularly technical, a short loop that featured a downhill segment that transitioned quickly into a 100 degree turn and again into a steep uphill, culminating in a 200 meter sprint finish.

Dey took advantage of her capacity for hill-climbing, passing more than 10 people on the uphill segment of her final loop, but was not advantageously positioned for the sprint and came in fourth.

Meanwhile, Augenbraun competed aggressively in what proved to be a close race in the men’s intro field, and Goldstein-Kral performed impressively in her first race of the season. Although she has had extensive experience with triathlons, this was her debut on the Ephs cycling team, and she “rocked it,” Dey said.

“I was proud to be captain [after the race],” Dey said, citing the successes of both Augenbraun and Goldstein-Kral.

After competing in only four out of the eight weekends of the season, Williams is in 11th place out of 30 teams in the division. This weekend the team will be competing at Harvard/MIT, the last race of the season before Easterns.

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