Bad luck or a need for housing reform?

Last Wednesday, I came upon the realization that I have pretty bad luck. After getting the pick number of 99 out of 100 in the neighborhood change draw several weeks ago, I received my new pick number for sophomore housing in Dodd Neighborhood – 79 out of 83. Basically, you can find me in Tyler Annex next year.

After this pattern of bad pick numbers, I have began to think about how the neighborhood system should be altered. I didn’t get to pick my neighborhood. I tried to change my neighborhood but couldn’t and now can’t ever attempt to change neighborhoods without being penalized. And now I will be living in Tyler Annex – is this fair? Shouldn’t we just come in as first-years without neighborhoods, receive pick numbers, get a neighborhood and then invert those pick numbers for the room draw? This way, first-years would actually choose what neighborhood they were in, and those who get top pick for the neighborhood pick draw would get the last pick in the room draw for their prospective neighborhood. Thus the median pick number would actually be best. Freshmen wouldn’t be able to complain that they got two consecutive poor pick numbers, and people like myself would not have to rant about the neighborhood system.

In addition, the recent shortage of rooms is another concern, especially with the looming increase in class size. I personally know the pick group that got 126 out of 126 in Spencer – they’re just hoping for anything other than a tent on Chapin lawn. Maybe the neighborhood system should be demolished, or maybe the system should remain the same, and I should blame my bad luck. I’m not quite sure, but I still have hope that junior year I might get a good pick number –

Grant Torres ’12

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