Wellesley dominates women’s rugby, 36-3

The Williams Women’s Rugby Football Club, otherwise known as the WWRFC or the White Dawgs, began its season at Wellesley on Saturday. While the team was enthusiastic to play, the Williamstown weather had not been cooperative the previous week and had left the Dawgs underprepared for their opener. The poor weather followed the team to Wellesley, and the first whistle opened the season under less than desirable conditions: temperatures remained in the high 30s, and there was intermittent rain.

The first half of the A-side match was sloppy, as the WWRFC players did not have their heads in the game. Wellesley summarily drove the ball down the field and scored multiple tries through the heart of the Williams defense. Early scrum down trouble plagued the new Williams pack, but in-game adjustments proved fruitful. Clair Embry ’11 moved to hooker where she showed great form and had some beautiful hooks despite being new to the position. New flankers Nancy Wang ’12 and Kate Gallagher ’12 also settled in their positions as the game went on, and by the end of the first half the Williams team was beginning to find its rhythm.

The second half started with a flurry of penalties against the White Dawgs, resulting in another Wellesley try. The WWRFC kept calm and saw great play from many players who had not been able to compete last fall. Bethany Baker ’10 and Leah Landsdowne ’11 led the pack in punching, while Cat Vielma ’10 showed off some daringly acrobatic moves. A Wellesley penalty just outside the 22 meter line was followed by a beautiful kick from Sarah Franklin ’10, which resulted in three points. Though the Dawgs went down 36-3, the WWRFC showed marked improvement throughout the game.

Though the Killer B’s were decidedly waterlogged at their kick-off, they showed the same buoyant spirits as the A team. Rookies Raneia Ramadan ’12 and Jessica De La Cuesta ’12 both had some great runs. Franklin and Vielma showed some nice chemistry down the sideline, but Wellesley once again proved too strong. The Killer B’s went down 10-0 although a Wellesley injury cut the game short.

WWRFC will be playing away against Siena next Saturday.

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