Hitt Boxx concert a display of misogyny

Why can’t skinny jeans and hip-hop just get along? This has been on my mind since this past Friday’s rap cover band concert. What started out as a fun Friday night turned into an angry night.

Just as I had begun to groove to a song, I heard the band members of Hitt Boxx yelling. As the yelling intensified, I heard one of the emcees tell a girl, “Skinny jeans don’t make you skinny. Get off the stage b——.” Appalled and insulted, I climbed the stage to confront his insults. I told him that I felt he was being inappropriate, disrespectful and anti-feminist. After speaking my mind, I decided to leave the stage, but he kept insisting that I stay. Thinking that perhaps a battle royal of words was about to occur, I decided to test my luck. I must admit that I did imagine myself as Eminem at the end of 8 Mile. Yet no serious war of free-styled words occurred. Instead he told the crowd that my shoes were scuffed and that I said they all had low self-esteem. After his deformed attempts at insults, I thought it was my turn. Sadly, I was denied. My desire was to point out that it was my right to confront him and to express that he was wrong. I went on stage not solely as a matter of women’s issues but simple human respect and decency – respect of the Williams community.

This event has caused me to ponder my love relationship with hip-hop. I am in love with the parts of her which are beautiful: her “artistry.” Yet there is so much other content which I take issue with, such as negative views on women, gays and anyone she considers different. Hip-hop is influential in both my life and others’. I am connected with her and love to listen, interpret and dance. But we saw a microcosm of some of the influence of her ugly side – the disrespect of a woman and community. Yet, as Lord of the Rings has taught me, there will always be a source of light in darkness. I take this negative event to further my exploration of hip-hop’s beauty and as a catalyst to end her ugliness.

Meredith Craven ’10

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