CC’s survey looks into student budget priorities

The College Council (CC) student budget committee, formed prior to spring break, recently undertook its survey of student budget priorities with the Budget Blitz event. CC members tabled in dining halls on Thursday night to ask students to fill out brief surveys about “aspects of campus life the greatest number of students feel is most important to protect from budget cuts.”

The planning for the event took place mostly in the two weeks prior to spring break. The budget committee compiled the survey and refined the idea for the event with the input from other CC members.

CC will use the data from the surveys to bring information about student priorities to the administration’s Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Budget Priorities. “The feedback will be used to gauge where the student body’s priorities lie,” said CC co-presidents Mike Tcheyan ’10 and Lizzy Brickley ’10 in a statement. “We hope that the student perspectives gained from the survey will be used to guide the tough decisions the College will confront as it moves forward with budget cuts.”

According to Tcheyan, the data are in the process of being tabulated and analyzed this week in preparation for sharing the information. “I am slated to present to the Ad Hoc Budget Committee next week,” he said.
At present, the student budget committee does not have plans for any future events, but Brickley and Tcheyan stressed that members of CC are willing to listen to individual feedback from the student body that may have been brought up by the Budget Blitz event. “CC hopes that conversation about budget cuts will be inspired amongst the student body, engaging them firsthand with budget issues that affect them in the future,” they said.

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