Spring Street Blues Mar. 2-Mar. 8

Monday 3-2-09

1:42 p.m., Thompson Physics: Dispatch received a report of a possible wire burning smell. A group made up of officers, Safety & Environmental staff and an electrician responded. The immediate area, along with the adjoining floors and rooms, were checked but the group found no apparent cause.

Tuesday 3-3-09

9:50 p.m., Lehman: A student called Security to report a possible medical emergency. Officers were dispatched, and 9-1-1 was activated. The student was taken to North Adams Regional Hospital (NARH) by Village Ambulance.

Wednesday 3-4-09

10:35 a.m., Bryant: Officers responded to speak with a student about a suspicious person seen in the building.

Friday 3-6-09

1:40 a.m., Gladden: Officers responded for a complaint of an unknown person attempting to get into a student room while the resident were sleeping.

11:40 a.m.: Security received a theft report from a Mark Hopkins resident who said that an unlocked bike had been taken from near Lansing Chapman hockey rink between 6 p.m. on 2-26-09 and 6 p.m. on 2-28-09.

3:28 p.m., Sawyer Library: Officer responded to a report of skateboarding activity outside the library. The officer spoke to six males of high school age about skateboarding on college property. They said they would drive to the skateboard park to see if it was open.

9:30 p.m.: An officer in Paresky observed students yelling and laughing on the fourth floor of Sage Hall. The officer found a small gathering watching an NBA game. Illegal hard alcohol was present. The alcohol was poured out and the students were cooperative.

9:52 p.m., Sage: An officer observed four students running out of the basement and throwing bottles into trash cans. The officer asked the students why they were running, and the students replied, “We heard you were in the building.”

10:09 p.m., Lasell: An officer responded to the lower level of the gym after receiving a forced door alarm. The officer observed three students running from the building. The officer was unable to identify them.

10:40 p.m., Prospect: Officers responded to a noise complaint after the caller reported hearing a chair break.

11:18 p.m., Poker Flats: Security received a call reporting cigarette smoking. Responding officers found no evidence of smoking but discovered Beirut activity.

Saturday 3-7-09

9:55 p.m., Mission Park: A fire alarm was activated from a smoke detector in Pratt. The cause is unknown.

10:40 p.m., Brooks: An officer observed approximately 20 students engaged in Beirut activity in the basement.

Sunday 3-8-09

5:18 a.m.: Williamstown Police Department contacted Security concerning a report of an attempted indecent assault that may have taken place earlier in the morning. An investigation is in progress and an all-campus alert was issued to the Williams community.

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