Neighborhood draw results show class trends

Nearly 300 students gathered in Bronfman Auditorium last Wednesday for the chance to select new neighborhoods during the neighborhood change draw. Of the students present, 87 were from the Class of 2010, 69 were from the Class of 2011 and 140 were first-years. The majority of the students looking to switch neighborhoods were affiliated with Dodd neighborhood. Ninety-three students applied to leave Dodd, 63 of whom were first-years. In contrast, Spencer had the least number of students applying to switch, with 57.

Aaron Gordon, assistant director of Campus Life, noted that popularity of neighborhoods differed from class to class. For instance, Spencer and Dodd filled first for the Class of 2010, while Dodd filled up last for first-years. “Spencer, thought to be the most popular neighborhood, wasn’t chosen until almost 13 pick groups in [of first-year picks],” Gordon said.

Gordon explained that he looked prior to neighborhood draw to assure that all neighborhoods were relatively balanced across gender and class year.
He noted that a few adjustments were needed, and that “the draw pool was made of the numbers of people who applied to transfer neighborhoods.”

As a result of the gender and class caps in place during the draw, the neighborhoods are “now fairly in line,” according to Gordon. However, the balance could shift as the Junior Advisor and study abroad numbers are set in the next few weeks.

“If I have a situation where I have to move people around, I would prefer to move people who I already know want to move,” Gordon said. To that end, he has a list of groups that were unsatisfied with their placement after neighborhood draw. The list contains approximately 15 people, but Gordon said that number represents four or five groups of students who want to live together if the opportunity arises.
“It’s nice to have a pool like this to go to if I need to change anything,” he said.

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