Lent sacrificers of romance search, unite

In the last issue of the Record, there was an article on students getting creative with Lent (“Nintendo to honey mustard: Students get creative with Lent,” March 4, 2009). I’d like to respond to the girl who gave up guys for Lent: stay strong; I’m with you. I too have given up pursuit of romantic endeavors for Lent. Although in my case, I have given up girls, and that choice may be a little cheap, as I have never belonged to the hookup culture here. But I’m trying to do something more than that. I’m not trying to avoid an action – I’m trying to break a mindset. I’ve been obsessing over getting a girlfriend, and it’s proven to be a really harmful approach to the world. So I’m giving it up for Lent – and hopefully beyond. This is my chance to clear my head and start fresh. Sure I could do it any time, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that the religious incentive will be just enough of an extra boost to actually succeed. Either way, best of luck to you. Best of luck to all. The point is not to give something up to show you can tough it out. The point is to test your limits and actually seek to be better.

Mike Drzyzga ’10

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