Show some more appreciation for Dodd

Since it’s the season for switching neighborhoods, there’s been a lot of discussion about where people want to end up next year. What I hear most often is “Please don’t let me end up in Dodd!” but Dodd-bashing is out of control. It would be really nice if people would be a little nicer to the northernmost neighborhood on campus.

I love it. I’m happy to be in Dodd, and I am staying put. Some people think that that makes me crazy because I am a freshman faced with the possibility of ending up in Tyler Annex next year, but I’m not worried. Dodd has so much to offer as a neighborhood, such as sweet housing that gets better with every year that you stay in the neighborhood, an active governance board that sponsors all sorts of activities and a great dining hall in one of its residence buildings. As I write this, Dodd is serving one of my favorites: chicken parmesan and sweet potato fries!

Yes, Tyler and Tyler Annex are a little farther away than most people would want to walk, but they are gorgeous buildings full of singles, and the housing only gets better from there. I’m looking forward to living in one of the houses around Dodd circle my senior year and having a fully functional kitchen or fireplace in the common room to sweeten my spacious single. And if I’m in Dodd House, all I will have to do to eat is go downstairs – no more venturing outside in seemingly Arctic conditions in search of food.

The other bonus of being in Dodd is that there are lots of creative people running events all the time such as eating contests, poker tournaments and sushi rolling workshops. Even though dance parties in Dodd House tend to be a bust, Dodd has co-sponsored lots of successful events such as the Bar Mitzvah Party and the Hypnotist Show.

So please don’t hate Dodd; it has a lot to offer. I really hope that anyone who ends up in Dodd after the neighborhood change process is done sees all the benefits of living in this smallest community that Williams has to offer.

Kate Stevenson ’12

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