Style Pop Quiz: George Carstocea ’10

I met up with George Carstocea ’10 in Greylock to chat about clothes, classy dressers and self-expression through clothing.

Describe your style using three adjectives.

Can I use three verbs instead?

Hey, why not?

Well, I think one is “splatter,” then “randomize” and “Dada.”


As in Dadaism. It’s this artistic movement started by a Romanian ex-pat in Switzerland in the 10s and 20s.

Ok, got it, Dadaism – so please – the pants. Tell me about the pants.

They’re Levi 511 black stretch with acrylic paint splattered on them.

Why the paint?

Well, I dressed up as the video game “asteroids” for Queer Bash and painted them with white paint. Then I had some gray and yellow acrylic left from my Captain Hammer Halloween costume, and I went all Pollock on my pants.

So black stretch Levi’s covered in paint, and you’ve paired them with boots. Tell me about the boots.

They’re Chelsea boots by Bronx shoes. I’ve always liked boots. The Rolling Stones were really the first guys to wear Chelsea boots publicly and to make them sort of weird/cool. They were also the first to pair them with tight jeans, too.

Now that you mention it, they do work with these pants well. When you got here, you were sporting a great trenchcoat. Very classy.

Oh, it’s new. Midlength, tan Banana Republic – great sale. I like it because it has that classic look, but it’s trimmed down a bit, so it’s more modern.

And the vest is from –

Oh, I got it at home (in Romania). It’s Zara, which is Spanish, but the store has locations all over.
I like the purple touch in the back. But why purple?

Because I bleed purple –

You mentioned The Rolling Stones. Any other fashion icons? Styles you admire?

I love Bowie in all of his forms. Humphrey Bogart, of course – he’s one of the best dressed men ever. And in that area also, James Dean, Brando –

Sort of a mix of classic and funky, new fashion?

Well, I appreciate really any area of fashion.

What do you think about fashion at Williams?

I think people should dress up as much as they want to on any given day. Clothing can be very political. There’s this guy on campus, Jack [Kling, ’09] who wears long skirts and is almost always barefoot, and a lot of people would consider that as under-dressing. But I really like what he’s doing with his style. He’s not afraid to show his personality. Power to him.

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