Police raid student drug stash in Agard

At approximately 9:30 p.m. last Friday, Williamstown Police Department (WPD) officers, in conjunction with the Berkshire County Drug Task Force, raided Agard House and recovered a stash of drugs and cash. According to WPD Police Chief Kyle Johnson, Max Blackburn ’10 was arrested in the raid, which culminated a three-month undercover investigation by the task force.
Blackburn was charged on counts of possession with the intent to distribute a Class D drug, possession with intent to distribute a Class B drug and possession of a Class B drug. According to the report issued by WPD Officer Shuan William, officers seized approximately one pound of marijuana pre-packaged for “street-level” dealing, along with a bag of Ecstasy pills, traces of cocaine, drug paraphernalia and about $2700 in cash.
Blackburn met his $500 bail and was released on personal recognizance, pending his arraignment today at Northern Berkshire District Court on the three criminal charges.
Johnson said that the task force began its investigation based on information received from a tip. The task force, comprised of members from the Williamstown, Lee, Dalton and Massachusetts State Police Departments, worked undercover for about three months to “develop a probable cause, secure both a search and arrest warrant and execute both warrants,” Johnson said.
According to Director of Campus Safety and Security Jean Thorndike, an officer from Security accompanied the police during the raid. “The search warrant gave the police the authority to enter the building and search the room,” Thorndike said. “The student was present during the search and an officer remained in the area.”
Johnson said that there would

be no further WPD involvement in the case, unless it were to go to trial. “The arrest should make everyone aware that the police and the Berkshire County Drug Task Force know that drugs are in Williamstown,” Thorndike said. “They will continue to follow leads, investigate and take the appropriate action whenever necessary.”

Additional reporting by Amanda Korman, editor-in-chief.

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