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I found Ryan Olavarria’09 in Paresky.

So what are you wearing today?

I have these topsiders that I have had since high school, and I love them because the shoelaces are like rotting out of them so they are really broken in, jeans from Rugby, a cardigan from J. Crew, a crazy plaid and stripes shirt from Brooks Brothers and my favorite watch that a friend gave to me.

In general, what do you think describes your fashion?

I would say – preppy to over-the-top preppy with a slight bit of edge – sometimes. But also sometimes a little bit of country because I’ll wear camo hats. I also have these awesome jeans that I went hunting in and killed a turkey in them, so it has this big splotch of blood on the left knee that I think is really gnarly. They’re not like those fake pants that have paint on them; they’ve got real blood.

Where are you from?


So I guess that’s your Midwest pride showing through.

Yeah, I guess. I never actually did any hunting while I was in Ohio. I actually grew up in Virginia.

What do you think influences your style the most?

Living in New York this summer really influenced my style, and I guess all the places I have lived as well because Virginia is pretty preppy and Williams is also an extremely preppy place. But living in New York, I feel like I have been able to incorporate more things that I wouldn’t think of wearing in the past. I have these Vans that I wear now that are more hipster and these jeans are also a little bit tighter. I really like classic stuff.

So what are some of your favorite brands then?

I feel like I wear a lot of J. Crew outfits. I like a lot of random brands. I have these awesome purple pants that I wore to Homecoming from this Italian designer – it’s just a really small brand. I think that Ben Sherman has a lot of cool stuff, although I don’t really have much from them. I just really like staples like I have a lot of stuff from Lands’ End, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.

So how do you enjoy shopping for your clothes?

I basically do a lot of shopping through catalogs. I’ll just see what looks cool and then order it online usually. J. Crew sales are kind of a huge money sink for me.

Is there anyone whose style you try to emulate?

I wouldn’t say emulate, but I hear from a lot of people that I dress like Chuck Bass sometimes.

From Gossip Girl?

Yeah, but I’d like to think that Gossip Girl tries to emulate me because I see my clothes on a lot of their guys. The first episode of the season, this guy was in the backseat of a car making out with a girl, and I was like, I have the shirt that he’s wearing.

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