Men’s squash depends on solid young players

Hitting the courts hard in preseason practices, men’s squash looks to have a successful season this winter. Although the team graduated three of its top players last year (the first, third and sixth-seeded players), five talented freshmen will help to strengthen the roster.

The team’s youth could present obstacles for the men since they play at the Div. I level against such perennial powerhouses as Trinity, Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

“Our goal is to develop and get better,” Head Coach Zafi Levy said. “But the season won’t be easy because our rivals have improved a lot.”

Even though they are young, the 15-man team has a great deal of depth; the top four players play at an equal level and could compete against each other on any given day, and the same is true of the bottom six players.

“Our strengths are in our middle section,” said co-captain George Miller ’09. “We have yet to recruit any superstars, but at the same time, we are extremely strong through the middle with our players at the back still challenging our players at the front.”

The team returns four seniors this year: Cameron Henry ’09, Bucky Marshall ’09, Miller and Bernard Yaros ’09.

Miller is confident in the team’s strength for this season. “After an unprecedented preseason and a new training schedule for the season, we are already far more fit and excited than most the other teams,” he said. This combined capability and fitness will help the Ephs immensely when playing rivals like Dartmouth, Cornell and UPenn.

This season, Williams once again hopes to win the Little Three, a title that they have dominated in recent years. In addition, the Ephs hope to repeat their recent success and make it to the NESCAC finals for the fourth year in a row. The toughest challenge facing them in the NESCAC is the competitive Trinity team, as the Bantams are consistently the best team in the division.

Finally, Williams aims to preserve its A-Division status by maintaining its top eight national team ranking. Alongside Trinity, Williams is one of only two small schools in the top eight.

The men will travel to Harvard on Nov. 23 for their first competition.

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