Weekend sees few incidents, damages

College staff have declared last Saturday’s Homecoming a victory off the field as well: neither Facilities nor Campus Safety and Security noted any hiccups despite the crowd of over 2500 and numerous all-campus parties.

“From our point of view, this weekend was amazing,” said Bea Miles, director for Facilities. According to Miles, the only billable incident this weekend was in Tyler Annex. “They broke a chair and had a bio-cleanup,” she said, adding that there were brownies scattered around the area.

Miles also noted that kitchens in dorms were slightly messy Monday morning as students had done a lot of cooking over the weekend, but “it’s nothing we’ll complain about.”

Although students noted a significant amount of pumpkin remnants strewn around campus, Miles said she had not heard from the grounds crew and there had been no issues with pumpkins indoors. “Overall we would like to thank the campus for a wonderful weekend,” she said.

Jean Thorndike, directory of Security, also offered a positive assessment. “The weekend went smoothly and there weren’t any major security issues,” she said. “It was relatively uneventful and the calls we handled were similar to incidents that occur on a regular basis.”

Thorndike added that none of the incidents stood out as significant or specifically related to Homecoming. “During past Homecomings, there was usually more activity on campus,” she said, noting the difficulty of comparing Homecoming weekends “because every other year we host Amherst.”

Kyle Johnson, Williamstown Police Department (WPD) chief, agreed that the weekend had been quiet and uneventful. “This has become the norm since the alcohol policy at the football game has changed,” he said, noting that he was only aware of one summons for an alcohol violation and no arrests.

On Saturday, two WPD officers had been assigned to patrol and four more were on duty at the football game. That evening, three officers were on patrol and two additional officers were assigned to the event at Eastlawn Cemetery. “The WPD and College Security worked exceptionally well together, again as is the norm,” Johnson said.

Additional reporting by Greg Sherrid and Faust Petkovich, Record staff.

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