Was it good for you, too?

In many ways, Homecoming presents a view of Williams social life in microcosm. The weekend is a testament to the trials and triumphs of unifying a very diverse student body around a single event.

One thing about the Williams social scene on which everyone can agree is that students here are responsible for making our own fun, and in general we succeed more than we fail. Because Williams is estranged from the distractions and delights of city life, if students aren’t making it happen socially, it isn’t happening.

What this means ideally, anyway, is that there is a certain attitude of self-reliance on this campus. Most Williams students can tell you that fun isn’t manufactured in clubs or bars; all it requires is four pints of sour cream, six size AA batteries, an electric waffle iron and a Super Soaker – if that’s what you’re into.

After all, Homecoming isn’t exactly about decentralized fun – it’s about the whole campus throwing itself a party that the whole campus can enjoy. It’s a great idea, but one often complicated by the fact that the whole campus does not enjoy all the same things. Still, we thought there was a lot to be excited about this weekend regardless of who you were.

We thank the football team for yet again dispatching Wesleyan in style, as well as for leaving us entertained – if not exactly in suspense. We salute the hardworking people of All Campus Entertainment (ACE), who devote themselves to the difficult and often thankless job of trying to mass-produce merriment. They certainly gave it their best shot by putting on two major parties and a concert on their own.

Off the dance floor, we appreciated the high-concept bent of Machinal, as well as the harmonious way the drunk and the sober rubbed elbows at Combo Za. In theory, we were in favor of turning Baxter Hall into a movie theater, although it must be said that we thought that opting for back-to-back screenings of Hostel 2 was a bit of a boneheaded choice. Future attempts to turn Williams into a more socially inclusive community would probably do well to avoid public displays of naked girl-on-girl scythe-torture.

This is not to say this past Homecoming was perfect. Still, it seems clear that the only limitation on how Williams socializes is the imagination and energy of its students, and we were generally impressed by the hard work and creativity we saw on display. One of the great things about Williams is that everyone is able to do their own thing. But even better than that is when they can do their own thing together.

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