Homecoming celebrations go off without a hitch

Event organizers began and ended Homecoming weekend in celebratory fashion, hosting a number of concerts and themed parties without glitches. Party planners were pleased with the turnout at events in celebration of both Halloween and Homecoming.

ACE took charge of Friday night’s lineup, starting the night off with a concert in Lasell, featuring hip-hop artist Charles Hamilton and Grammy Award-winner Rhymefest.

Responses to the concert were mixed. “It was fun for the people who really got into it, but there weren’t a lot of people there,” said Siwol Chang ’12. “It wasn’t packed, but it did get good for those who were excited about it.”

“I’ve never been to a live rap battle before, so I enjoyed the concert,” Sam McManama ’12 said.

Halloween-themed events followed the concert, beginning with a Freaky Friday dance in Goodrich from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. and the Late Night Thriller party in Brooks from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Jerusa Contee ’10, ACE chair of general entertainment, was pleased with the attendance on Friday night. “Goodrich was very full, and when the doors opened there was a line, so we were happy about that,” she said.

During the day on Saturday, the neighborhoods held a Cluster Cup tailgate competition, which Spencer won with its spread of KFC chicken and biscuits, homemade caramel, white chocolate and chocolate-dipped mini apples, cookies, chips and dip, mini molten lava cakes and cheesecakes.

“In my opinion, the weekend couldn’t have gone smoother,” said Franny Barrett ’12, the Wood Neighborhood social chair. The neighborhoods hosted two parties on Saturday night following the football game: the Masquerade Ball in Goodrich featuring DJs Dirty Deeds and D-Lo and the Late Night Trick or Treat in Prospect Basement.

This year all four neighborhoods sponsored both of Saturday’s events. Instead of having simultaneous parties, the events were staggered throughout the night to allow for greater turnout. “The Late Night Trick or Treat gave people something to do until 3 a.m., so a lot more people stayed out later,” said Ali Barrett ’09, ACE president.

Planners were pleased with the turnout at both events, although Barrett noted that “not as many people as we’d hoped wore the masks to the Masquerade Ball, as they didn’t fit well.” Paper invitations and masks were delivered to students’ rooms last week, and masks were distributed again at the door.

“Once you get in and it’s dark, wearing the masks is harder, and it was kind of expected that people would take them off,” Contee said. Students did, however, seem to acknowledge the semi-formal attire at the dance. “We were pleased that so many people dressed up and paid attention to the semi-formal aspect of the dance,” she added.

However, not everyone agreed with Contee’s perceptions of the dance. “I didn’t stay very long at the Masquerade Ball because I thought it was somewhat lame,” McManama said. “I didn’t think it lived up to the standards of a masquerade ball.”

Wristbands were distributed at the events in Goodrich on both Friday and Saturday nights, although Contee noted that the dances this year were smaller than last year’s events. “There was just one keg at each party. Both kegs were finished, but we were pleased with the amount of time they lasted,” she said.

Williams alumni joined current students in Saturday’s festivities, participating in campus-wide events both during the day and at night. “In recent years, Homecoming has tended to be geared toward the young alumni classes – those who have graduated in the past five years,” said Brooks Foehl ’88, director of Alumni Relations and secretary of the Society of Alumni.

While Alumni Relations has no conclusive numbers regarding alumni attendance, the turnout was, as expected, slightly lower than in years when Amherst is the Homecoming opponent, while attendance was more concentrated among recent graduates. “Wesleyan Homecoming tends to be a little more low-key than Amherst, but the Log was still filled with alumni after the game,” Foehl said.

The Zero-Year Reunion at Spice Root, held for members of the Class of 2008, saw an estimated 100 attendants. Jason Kohn ’08, an Alumni Relations intern, was involved in planning the reunion and noted that it provided food and a gathering place for the recent graduates.

“I think it was a perfect day,” Foehl said. “The weather was good, the team won, and there was a great crowd.”

Additional reporting by Jared Quinton, assistant news editor.

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