Snack Bar delivery

There are times when I find myself in my room in Gladden mundanely staring at the applications of Microsoft Word and thinking, “How much better would the world be right now if only I could fill my empty stomach with a warm garden burger and some gelato?” At midnight, however, when it’s just so cold outside, and I’m already so tired from the day, it’s just so inconvenient to go to Paresky. I often dream of the revival of Snack Bar Delivery.

Think about it: how many times have you wasted dinner points because, due to practicality and/or logistics, you couldn’t make either dinner or Snack Bar? Whether it was because you get cold too easily like me, you live all the way in Tyler or you’re just “too busy to step out,” there must have been times. Snack Bar delivery, if it comes back, could save you and me from wasting our dinner points, not to mention its basic task of ridding hunger. Plus, it wouldn’t be only the hungry students who benefit. Students could also be employed to work for Snack Bar delivery, and the Snack Bar itself would probably observe more demand. A win-win situation for all if it’s done right, Snack Bar delivery has no reason to not be back.

November is coming up, and soon, the campus will be an inescapable deadly five-star freezer once again. Do we really want to trek through snow to get mozzarella sticks? They’re good, but do we really want to be caught in a snowstorm for them? I pray Snack Bar delivery will happen, and I hope that when Cinderella said dreams that are expressed don’t come true, she was lying , for, seeing from last week’s flurries, this winter is out there to get us.

Thammika Songkaeo ’11

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