Man attempts to sell weed to student, arrested

Outside Sawyer Library this past Sunday evening, a female student was approached by an unidentified male who asked if she wanted to purchase marijuana. Directly afterwards, at 8:15 p.m., the student called Security to report the incident, and offficers from both Security and the Williamstown Police Department (WPD) reported to the scene. After identifying and apprehending the individual, he was taken into protective custody by the WPD.

According to Jean Thorndike, director of Campus Safety and Security, once the WPD had the man in custody he was found to be in possession of marijuana. “They then arrested him and charged him with possession,” Thorndike said. He was arraigned in court on Monday and a court date was set.

At the time of his detention the man was intoxicated but “did not present any threat.”

“[We are] very grateful to the student who immediately reported the incident,” Thorndike said. Although the WPD has reported no indication that the individual poses any immediate threat to the community, he will receive a posting letter from Security barring him from campus.

According to Thorndike, the man arrived in Williamstown over the weekend on a bus from Chelmsford, Mass., and was returning to his hometown in the Lowell, Mass. area. “He had family problems back home and came here because he is familiar with the area,” Thorndike said. “He may have been trying to sell the marijuana so he could get money to get back home.”

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