Homecoming article woefully inadequate

Oh Record, how I loathe you so. Your article announcing the ACE Homecoming Concert is both an embarrassment to you and an insult to me to have my name included in it. How is it possible that such a big, bold typo could have slipped past your editing staff, which apparently cut the article to shreds because of some adolescent squabble about being the first to publish the names? The line-up for the concert was initially announced in early September.

Charles Hamilton will be performing alongside Rhymefest this Friday, not anyone named Chris. Charles Hamilton is a brand new artist, and it is critical that his name be correct so that when people love his music (and I have high hopes that many will) they can then turn to a search engine to learn more about him or to buy his first album. I’ve already been asked, “Who is Chris Hamilton? I can’t find him on YouTube.” If he finds out about the typo and how many people might have read it, he could very easily not perform to prevent perpetuating your gargantuan mistake.

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