Field hockey drops 2 in overtime

Field hockey (6-7, 3-4 in the NESCAC) had a frustrating week, losing to both Union and Amherst in overtime. The harsh winds and rain during Saturday’s game against Amherst compounded the pressure of playing the conference foe and rival.

The Jeffs have come out victorious the last five years, but the women always look forward to the heated game. “Playing Amherst is always a highlight of the regular season,” co-captain Meighan McGowan ’09 said. “Our games against them have always been extremely competitive game regardless of each team’s record.”

The Ephs began the game on a strong note, with Jess Overlander ’09, assisted by Amy Siedlecki ’10 and Julia Nawrocki ’09, scoring the first goal of the game in the 15th minute. Unfortunately, the Jeffs were able to level the score near the end of the first half, with Elizabeth Schink, assisted by Sarah McCarrick, putting Amherst on the board in the 23rd minute.

The second half was tense, and although both teams played well, neither was able to score. Amherst had six shots on goal in the second half, but goalie Katrina Tulla ’11 saved every one to keep the Ephs alive. The Amherst goalie also saved all five of Williams’ second-half shots on goal.

Tied at 1-1, the teams moved into what would be a heartbreaking overtime for the Ephs. In the 74th minute Molly Malloy, assisted by Elizabeth Schink, scored the final goal of the game, and defeated Williams 2-1.

“Obviously we’re really disappointed in our loss. It’s really frustrating when no one scores in over a half of the game,” co-captain Taylor Wilson-Hill ’09 said. “I think that our goalie kept us in that game for a long time, and we really weren’t finishing on offense.”
The loss to Amherst was déjà-vu for the Ephs, as they also lost in overtime (2-1) to Union last Wednesday.

The Union game began quickly, with Alexandra King scoring unassisted in the fourth minute of the game to put the Dutchwomen on the board. Williams tied the score five minutes later with Nawrocki scoring an unassisted goal. After the first action-packed 10 minutes, there was no scoring for the rest of the game despite a total of 10 shots on goal by Union and nine by Williams. In addition, Union had seven penalty corners and Williams had three.

Despite the offense’s inability to convert, the Eph defense stepped up. “[We had] a lot of exceptional saves by Katrina Tulla, so it’s unfortunate that they were able to finally score in double overtime after all her hard work,” Wilson-Hill said.

Again, tied at 1-1, the teams moved into overtime. The first overtime was scoreless despite five shots on goal by Union, four by Williams and three penalty corners from each team. Unable to capitalize on their one shot on goal, the women fell to Union in the 93rd minute when Lizzy Moran, assisted by Shannon Brady, broke the scoreless streak with one devastating shot.

“The Union game was a tough loss,” McGowan said.  “Though we dominated the game in terms of possession, they were able to finish in the circle and we weren’t.  Overall, we played a pretty good game; the intensity was there but we struggled to contain them defensively and finish in the circle.”

Despite the loss, the women point to improvements made in their play. “Up until this weekend, we hadn’t been scoring at all once another team got ahead, so that was a small but important achievement,” Wilson-Hill said. “It was also exciting to get a lot of people to contribute off the bench. It shows just how talented our team is.”

The women will play one more regular season game against Middlebury on Friday, followed by the NESCAC tournament.

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