WWRFC shuts out Castleton St.

This week, the Women’s Williams Rugby Football Club (WWRFC) faced Castleton State at home. After last week’s sloppy game, the White Dawgs were eager to redeem themselves and secure a solid win before entering the playoffs. All the elements were converging in the women’s favor; the weather was beautiful, the fans were out in (relative) droves and many previously injured players were ready for action.

Williams chose to receive the ball off the opening kick, and from the beginning, play was focused in Castleton’s half. Although Williams had rearranged some of its personnel, the White Dawgs had no trouble playing with the Castleton girls. Steph “Older and Prettier” Reist ’09 did a good job at the unfamiliar yet crucial position of scrumhalf, and Nancy “Goodbye Badminton” Wang ’12 held her own at loose head. Hannah “Hat-Trick” Rosenthal ’10 was also trying out a new spot in the line. Midway through the half Rosenthal received a clearing kick and jimmied her way through a disorganized Castleton defense to touch down the ball in the try zone. Encouraged by the liney try, winger Katie “I Heart Maddie Jones” Zipps ’11 tiptoed down the left side and planted another score in the try zone. At the halftime whistle, Williams was ahead 14-0.

The second half started where the first had left off. Rosenthal’s lengthy kickoff resulted in a Williams scrum on the five-meter line. The ball was never again to enter the Williams half for any appreciable amount of time. Williams got to the point quickly and added five tries to its previous two. Rosenthal rounded out her total number of tries to three while Jesse “HurZlocker” Herzer ’11 scored twice and Rachel “Sunshine” Savain ’10 added one. The game marked a breakout performance by the line, including penetrating runs by rookie Meagan “Basher” Braun ’12. The scrum -not wanting to be outshone by its fleet-of-foot teammates – strung together a few beautiful rolling mauls, and Morgan “Straight-Arm” Phillips-Spotts ’09 pounded the ball down the field off of penalty plays. The game ended 41-0 in favor of Williams.

This Saturday the WWRFC will travel north to face Bowdoin in the first round of the playoffs.

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