Tally Hall review misses point

The unfounded bashing of Tally Hall’s concert in the last issue of the Record (Oct. 8) completely missed the point of the event. It was not intended to be a dance party, an awkward social gathering or, in as many words as you’d like, just another First Fridays – the Tally Hall concert was intended to raise awareness for the WNY program. You’d think somewhere in the 576-word article about personal music preferences, there’d be space for two more: “THANK YOU.” The student group Students for Williams in New York (SWNY), with the help of ACE and WCFM, put a lot of time and effort into bringing this band to a campus in dire need of some good live music.

They brought them here for a cause they believe in and have spent innumerable hours fighting for.

Personally, I thought Tally Hall brought a fresh and eclectic vibe to the Purple Valley. I had never really listened to Tally Hall before I knew they were coming here but thought their ability to mix a cappella with rap, old-time covers with an indie vibe was something to be commended. It was ambitious, to say the least, but clearly this article felt otherwise.

Musical nuisances aside, we should not allow ourselves to forget the real purpose of this concert. Tally Hall is a bright young band, perfect for showing off the kind of creativity, culture and inspiration that Williams students would be missing out on without a program like WNY. If the review was written for Pitchfork Media, it’d be spot on, but since this is the Williams Record, the article missed the point. Perhaps if more students participated in the WNY program, the “over-involved grinders” mentioned in the article would be turned into musical connoisseurs like the rest of us.

Matt Felser ’09

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