Heating plant operator arrested

Dave Beebe, heating plant operator, was arrested for making threatening remarks regarding several of his co-workers on Monday. Jean Thorndike notified the campus of the incident in an all-campus e-mail yesterday.

After hearing of the confrontation, Security reported it to the police, who arrested Beebe last night at his home. Yesterday, at his arraignment in the North Adams District Court the judge entered a plea of not guilty and released him.

This release was based “on the conditions that he surrender to police any weapons and any permits to own or to carry weapons, that he stay off all College property, and that he have no contact of any kind and anywhere with the co-workers in question,” Thorndike wrote. The judge also told him that a violation of any of these conditions could lead to his immediate imprisonment.

The College has ended Beebe’s employment and posted him from campus, meaning that he must stay off all College property and out of College buildings. “If found in violation, he’d be charged with trespass[ing],” Thorndike said.

Thorndike gave no comment when asked about the nature of Beebe’s remarks.

The case is now in the hands of the District Attorney’s office. In terms of further legal action, “it’s the state that presses charges in such a case, not the College or any individuals,” Thorndike wrote.

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