College Council finalizes $35,000 allocations

Roughly a month has passed since College Council (CC) announced that part of its $35,000 in unused funds would be allocated to the 1914 Library. Although the fairness of this vote was initially disputed, it is now definite that half of the money will be going to the 1914 Library while the other half will be allocated to All-Campus Entertainment (ACE).
Two questions are still up for debate: how exactly the money is going to be spent, and how it can be used to benefit as many students as possible.CC is confident that the money can be used in a manner that will benefit all of campus.
“Our discussion specifically focused on ways in which we could add to the 1914 Library resources in a way that everyone can benefit from,” Peter Nurnberg ’09, CC co-president, said. “We think we have some good ideas on how to make that a reality.”
Right now, CC is in the process of pursuing some of these ideas in an effort to determine which are most plausible. “How the money will spent will not be 100 percent determined until we finish pursuing all the ideas CC decided to pursue and see exactly what is feasible,” Nurnberg said. It is uncertain when exactly this process will be finalized.
A large portion of the CC meeting last Wednesday was used discussing how the money allocated to the 1914 Library should be spent. The four final ideas that were put to vote were: buying expensive textbooks to put on reserve, buying other class supplies such as calculators and safely goggles, spending the money in a gradual manner and implementing a departmental incentive system.
Each of the four options raised additional questions about specificity, permanence and general helpfulness. One concern about buying particularly expensive books and reusable class supplies was how the books would be spread out between departments and courses.
CC unanimously agreed that the money should be spent periodically rather than all at once, but no decisions were made about the length of these periods and how much money would be given per period.
CC also voted in favor of pursuing the incentive program. In this program, CC would distribute money to resources for academic departments based on which departments would match its allocation. The objective of this option would be to make the money stretch further. “The idea is to stretch the money as far as we can and best way to do this is to get people to match the contribution,” said Nurnberg.
These options would not exclusively benefit students on financial aid.
“Any textbooks or supplies would be available to all students and textbooks would be located in a public space,” said Jeremy Goldstein ’09, CC co-president. The materials would be official property of the 1914 Library, but would be accessible to all students.
The overarching goal is that the administration will continue with CC’s initiative. “CC is using this money as a way to get this started. Hopefully this will prove to be something valuable, and it will push the school to institutionalize it,” Nurnberg said. “The administration of the 1914 library is going to continue to be involved, but it is a College Council led initiative,” said Goldstein.
According to Nurnberg and Goldstein, CC hopes to implement these plans by spring semester this year, or, in the worst case scenario, by the beginning of next year. “It’s a process that we are gradually making our way through,” Goldstein said.

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