Style Pop Quiz

I awkwardly approached Lauren Yeiser ’10 amid the clamor of students congregating in Baxter Hall.

What are you wearing today?

Same thing as everyday: jeans and a t-shirt.

So generally what do you think influences your style the most?

Um – well, if I walk around and I see something that someone else is wearing that I like, I’ll try and incorporate that into what I wear.

So do you think your style is more influenced by people around you?

I think my style is just influenced by seeing things other people wear that I like and trying to put them all together in different ways.

Cool. So what are some of your favorite fashion accessories?

Well, I’ve gotten really into scarves this year. I had never worn them before, and then I put one on like last winter and I decided that I really liked them.

What about your shoes?

Yeah, these are Nikes. Last year, some of my friends told me that I had good style except I wore horrible shoes, so we went online and found my first pair of Nikes. Ever since then, I have been going kind of crazy. I usually wear Nikes. I have a pair of Adidas too, but Nikes are definitely the number one.

Well, what are some of your favorite brands?

I don’t really like brands, especially for t-shirts and stuff. I like going into like street-wear stores and just finding cool shirts. I also wear a lot of concert shirts. A lot of my shirts are from American Apparel because other people print on American Apparel, but I refuse to wear any shirt that says a brand across it.

So is there any one person whose style you try to emulate?

Yeah, Katherine Moennig. She plays a character in The L Word who is really androgynous.

How do you describe your fashion?

I’d probably describe it as really androgynous. Like half my clothes are guys’ clothes. I like mixing and matching things that I think are really feminine and not so feminine. It’s probably verging more on like street-wear, although not really. I don’t know –

Do you think your style is unique?

I don’t know if anyone’s style is unique. I think on this campus it’s not that hard to stand out though.

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