WRFC wins Amherst’s jerseys

On Saturday, the Williams Rugby Football Club (WRFC) faced off against the Black Donkeys of Amherst, a game that is traditionally played as the last of the season. Despite this break in tradition the game was still played with the same implications of jerseys being given to the winning side. The WRFC came out determined to make Amherst pay for ducking out on this annual tradition last spring.

From the opening kick it was clear that Williams was the dominant team, as most of the half was played in Amherst territory. But Williams was unable to capitalize, due to penalties that repeatedly kept the White Dawgs from being able to put points on the board. A penalty kick converted by Taylor “DS” Nelp ’09 deep in Amherst territory gave the WRFC a 3-0 lead midway through the first half. About five minutes later Kelly “Genny Cream” Madden ’09 touched down a try and, with the conversion, the score became 10-0.

Determined to make the most of their opportunities in the second half, the White Dawgs came out fired up and brought the ball straight down the field before Max Blackburn ’10 touched down a try to give the White Dawgs a 17-0 lead. Ten minutes later as the WRFC continued to play in Amherst’s territory, Matt “Grimace” Beatus ’09 sneakily touched down a try that left many Donkeys dumbfounded. Minutes later, off an offload by Nelp, Blackburn broke away for another try to make the score 31-0. Amherst seemed deflated by this point but was finally able to score. The White Dawgs defense made sure this was the only score Amherst would have and three Donkeys were left lying on the field as the final whistle blew.

The Killer Bs came out ready to score in ways only Bryan Vorbach ’09 can really understand. The Amherst B-siders, agreeing to bet jerseys like their A-side counterparts, (who coincidentally had A-siders playing as well because of a shortage of players) gave Williams a chance to further enhance its wardrobe. This proved to be incentive for the Killer Bs to play hard. The play in the first half was even and hard-fought, until the final moments of the first half, when Bryant “Turtle” Renaud ’11 converted a penalty kick to give the Bs a 3-0 lead going into halftime. The Killer B’s came out with a fury in the second half and went straight down the field before Alex “Cheech” Cruz ’11 scored his virgin try for the WRFC to make it 8-0.

The Killer Bs defense held strong and then made its way back down the field on a long breakaway by Ian “Jitterbug Murphy” ’11 and Sam McManama ’12. This set up the opportunity for Vince-”anity” Powell-Newman ’10 to touch down his first try to make the score 13-0. The Killer Bs strong defense blanketed Amherst’s offense, keeping them off the scoreboard and giving the Killer Bs a 13-0 victory and another set of black jerseys for the WRFC on the day.

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