Spring Street Blues 10/08/08

Wednesday 10-1-08

3:03 a.m., West: Noise complaint about a vibrating noise. Upon arrival the noise had stopped.

11:53 a.m., Paresky: Generator testing caused a diesel-type odor in the building.

2:30 p.m., Student reported nuisance calls and e-mails. Student met with a dean and Security concerning the complaint.

4:25 p.m., Morley Science Labs (MSL): Report of an ethanol odor. Facilities dispatched to check exhaust system.

5:45 p.m., Mission Park: Trouble code received. Fire Safety was contacted.

Thursday 10-2-08

11:30 a.m., Sage: Emergency phone activation. Officer checked location but no one was found in the area.

2:24 p.m., Facilities North Building: A men’s bike was removed from the north side of the building. Bike tagged and placed in Doughty storage.

3:08 p.m., The Log: Intrusion alarm triggered by student. System was disarmed so food preparation could be completed.

7:59 p.m., Doughty House: Fire alarm activated. Cause was cooking. Area ventilated and system reset.

Friday 10-3-08

12:22 a.m., Cole Field House: Door ajar alarm activated when a student worker propped open the door.

11:39 a.m., Hubbell: Fire alarm caused by a steam leak.

6:15 p.m., Lawrence Drive: Oil leaking from parked truck. On-call Safety & Environmental Compliance contacted and responded to scene for clean up. Vehicle was moved off-campus and no further leak was noted.

11:31 p.m., Morgan: Report of no heat in room. On-call mechanical tradesman was contacted.

Saturday 10-4-08

6:17 a.m., 9-1-1 activated for medical transport of student from campus to North Adams Regional Hospital (NARH).

2:40 p.m., Report received about an unidentified male sitting in an unattended vehicle around.

5:15 p.m., Southworth Street: Fire Alarm caused by cooking. System reset.

10:45 p.m., Spencer House: Officers discover unregistered party of approximately 100-125 and a DJ. No bulk alcohol was found. The host told to disperse some of the crowd and keep numbers under 50.

10:48 p.m., 9-1-1 medical transport from campus to NARH for a student.

Sunday 10-5-08

1:00 a.m., Paresky: A student allegedly tried to reach into the pastry case at Snack Bar to take items. The student may also have stolen the money from the tip jar. These incidents occurred after the student was told the Snack Bar was closed for the evening.

9:48 a.m., Hewitt House: Dispatcher receives no heat complaint. Serviceman contacted and oil tank filled.

1:58 p.m., ’62 Centre: Woman’s bike found on the grass near northwest corner of the building. Bike placed in storage.

4:58 p.m., West College: Trouble code received. Smoke detector replaced and system reset. Work order submitted.

9:20 p.m., West College: Dispatcher received report of mouse activity in student room. Student advised to secure any food that was left out. Work order submitted for traps. A dead mouse was later removed from the trash in a student room. It was undetermined if this was the floor thief. Work order submitted for pest control.

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