Cluster Cup to include IM sports in scoring

Neighborhood Governance Board (NGB) presidents and several members of Campus Life met last Thursday and again on Sunday to define the format of this year’s Cluster Cup. They enacted minor changes to its structure, namely the inclusion of intramural sports into the Cup, to increase interest and participation in the competition.

Designed by the four neighborhoods in conjunction with Campus Life, the Inter-Cluster Cup Competition began in the fall of 2007 in order to promote friendly rivalries between the neighborhoods. As the system works currently, each neighborhood appoints a representative to serve on the Inter-Cluster Cup Committee (ICC), which is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the contest. Still in its pilot stage, the competition spent the past year in transition, initially organized into a series of weekend contests and then gradually stabilizing into a once-per-semester weekend tournament. Thursday’s meeting reestablished much of the existing format but raised some issues, particularly regarding IM sports.

After further deliberation on Sunday, representatives from Campus Life and the NGB presidents reached a decision as to how IM sports would be integrated into this year’s Cluster Cup. According to Dodd President Emily Behrman ’09, within a given IM sport, the members of the top three teams in that sport will receive points based on neighborhood affiliation. Players on the first, second and third place teams will be awarded three, two and one points respectively for their neighborhood. Cluster-affiliated faculty members who participate will earn double point values.

Behrman also said that there will be incentives for IM teams which have 75 percent participation from one neighborhood. Additional prizes will be distributed during Winter Study and at the end of the year.

To encourage participation in Cluster Cup competitions, decisions were made to revamp the scoring system for intra-cluster events. Last year the winning cluster in any event received five points, followed by three, one and zero points for second, third and fourth place teams, respectively. Now, the winning team will receive seven points while second, third and fourth places will get five, three and one point to better reward involvement.

Although the ICC will work to create new events as well as continue previously held ones for the Cup, Behrman encouraged campus clubs and organizations to integrate themselves in the process by creating proposals for new Cup competitions.

The changes to the Cluster Cup come at a time when the system in place has received mixed responses from the student body. “When I participated it was fun, but it wasn’t terribly well-attended. I don’t know if it was due to publicity … but I think it’s a great idea,” said Tasha Chu ‘11, who participated in last year’s tennis competition.

While the responsibilities and purpose of the ICC have already been outlined for the year, the neighborhood representatives have yet to be appointed to the Committee. Once they have, committee members will begin planning events for the year within the next few weeks.

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