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Over the past couple of weeks some of you on campus may have been contacted by a member of the Committee on Community Interactions (CCI). I am writing this letter to introduce the CCI and let you know what we will be doing over the next few months.

The CCI is a committee formed to gather information about all student interactions, whether with other students, faculty or staff. Our task is to determine whether there are any systemic problems with the way Williams students interact with each other on a daily basis. These problems may range from issues with vandalism and theft to marginalization and discrimination all the way to violence. If we do determine that there is some sort of problem on campus, and College Council agrees, it will then be our job to research and propose possible solutions.

We recognize that our investigations are wide-ranging and that the results could have a large impact on the student body. Many Williams students have previously expressed concerns about the potential impact and likely still have them. To alleviate those concerns, we are approaching this task with two goals in mind.

The first is to be as open as possible with the Williams community. You may have already noticed that the minutes of our weekly meetings have been attached to the Daily Advisor distributed in the dining halls. In addition, we have launched a Web site devoted to the CCI at where you can find the minutes of each week’s meeting along with our mandate. Any other documents relevant to our investigations will be posted here as well.

Our other goal is to give the entire community every possible chance to give feedback about our process. On the CCI Web site you will find a place to submit anonymously any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions you might have. These submissions can only be seen by the members of the CCI. In the future, we will also have open forums with the community to discuss our progress and take suggestions about future proceedings.

We want this committee to be as thorough as possible, and so we encourage everyone to look over the minutes, come to the public forums and submit feedback. Only then can we ensure that we are doing everything we can to make this committee a success.

Mac Stone ’09
CCI Chair

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