Spring St. Blues

Monday 9-8-08

7:10 a.m., Agard: Dispatch received a report of a Beirut table in the basement.

9:00 a.m., Chandler Gym: Contractor activated alarm.

Tuesday 9-9-08

3:57 p.m., Paresky: Officer responded to the west entrance to speak with a staff member reporting that the concrete steps leading up to the door of the building were unstable and damaged. The stairs were marked off with “Do Not Enter” tape and a work order was filled.

10:25 p.m., Fitch: A complaint was received for a car playing loud music outside.

Wednesday 9-10-08

2:14 p.m., Chaffee Tennis House: Intrusion alarm activated.

5:30 p.m., Facilities: An intrusion alarm was activated in the stock room by an unknown cause.

Thursday 9-11-08

5:48 a.m., Prospect: Student called requesting a ride to the emergency room. Village Ambulance was called to transport the student to North Adams Regional Hospital (NARH).

2:00 p.m., Lawrence: Curator in the art department reported that a dual screen monitor used by professors for tutorials, valued at $800, was missing from the visual resources collection office.

6:23 p.m., North Academic Building (NAB): All officers were dispatched to the east side of NAB for a report of a professor feeling ill. 9-1-1 was activated and Village Ambulance arrived on scene and transported the professor to NARH.

11:17 p.m., Brooks: Noise complaint received.

Friday 9-12-08

2:09 a.m., Gladden: Officers on duty responded to a report of suspicious activity.

1:50 p.m., Lawrence: Dispatch advised of a group of non-Williams students smoking cigarettes on the steps between Lawrence and Chandler Gym of campus regulations.

5:55 p.m., Morgan: Fire alarm activated. A resident reported using a hair dryer which activated the alarm. The system was reset. At 6:10 p.m., the same alarm was activated again for the same reason.

10:29 p.m., Bryant: While opening a room for a student, loud voices and music on the third floor led an officer to a small group of students playing Beirut.

Saturday 9-13-08

12:46 a.m., Susie Hopkins: While driving by, officers observed 40 to 50 students outside drinking beer. Upon entering the house, officers observed about 100 to 125 students in and around the house. Beirut was being played. Officers shut the party down due to the excessive number of students and amount of alcohol at the party. Williamstown Police Department (WPD) also arrived on scene in response to a complaint.

12:57 a.m., Rice: Officers responded to a noise complaint and spoke with the host of the registered event who turned down the music and closed all windows.

7:45p.m., Prospect: Dispatch received report of water leaking from the pool room ceiling. The water was from a shower in a bathroom above the pool room. A sofa sustained water damage.

11:38 p.m., Doughty: While driving by Susie Hopkins, an officer observed a large crowd gathered both inside and outside of the house where there was no registered party. A couple of students reported that what was meant to be a small birthday party had gotten out of hand. There were about 150 students present, the majority of whom left without incident.

Sunday 9-14-08

12:15 a.m., Meadow St.: A WPD officer on Latham St. asked for back up in breaking up a party. WPD reported a person running to the front of one of the WPD cruisers, then running off towards the dirt lot, leaving a slash in one of the tires.

1:28a.m., Spring St.: A student was arrested by WPD for an open container violation and illegal possession of alcohol.

12:55 a.m., Paresky: A staff member called to report an intoxicated student who had thrown up and knocked over chairs. Officers identified the student.

1:50 a.m., Tyler: Officers responded to a noise complaint. Residents were advised of the complaint and asked to turn the music down.

2:00 a.m., Tyler: While still in the parking lot responding to the same call, the music from the room the Officers had just visited started playing loudly again. Officers returned to the room and forced students to clear the room.

2:21a.m., Park St.: A student was arrested for an open container violation and illegal possession of alcohol.

11:55 a.m., Bronfman: Dispatch received a call of a broken window on the first floor.

3:11 p.m., The Log: Officer responded to an activated intrusion alarm. A student was found onsite who admitted to climbing through a window.

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