XC competes in costume

It’s not every day you see a Christmas tree running around a golf course, or Whitney Houston tagging teammate Bobby Brown in a race. But it’s also not every weekend that men’s and women’s cross country compete in the annual coed relays. Both teams traveled to Middlebury on Saturday and despite the hosts request to minimize costumes, many harriers still dressed up.

Dressed as an ornate Christmas tree, Matt Deady ’10 had the team’s standout costume. Deady duct-taped tree garlands to his body and attached a gold star to his forehead.

Another highlight included Ryan Ford ’09 and Robin Kuntz ’09 as Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

In addition to the costumes, the logistics of the race itself did not follow the typical cross country norms. First, the men and women’s team were combined, and broken down into teams of two—one male, one female. Furthermore, instead of running an 8k or 6k, the course was split into five legs of varying length. The teams of two ran alternating legs of the race.

The race kicked off with the men running a fast 1500 leg. Edgar Kosgey ’10 finished well ahead of the pack and tagged his teammate Leah Katzelnick ’10 who kicked off the first women’s leg, a 2.2 mile loop around the Middlebury golf course. As the women finished their first loop and tagged their respective male teammates, the guys started off on the third leg of the race—the very same 2.2 mile loop just completed by the women.. The fourth leg was a women’s 1500, and the final leg was another 1500 loop for the men.

Both teams ran spiritedly, and everyone enjoyed themselves on an afternoon filled with friendly competition. After the race the men and women’s teams traveled to a nearby lake for a picnic and a few hours of recreation and relaxation.

“Everyone thinks cross country runners are masochistic, but the reality is we’re people who really know how to live the good life,” Head Coach Pete Farwell said.

There is no scheduled competition this weekend, so the Ephs will continue to train for their first home meet, the Purple Valley Classic on Sept. 27.

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