Calling all voters

Last Thursday, students and community residents filled Chapin Hall to hear Arianna Huffington wax intelligent on the election that increases in meaning and importance with each passing day. The general sentiment is clear, within the Purple Bubble and without: we need to take ownership of this election. The articulate and critical questions students posed to the tour de force of media illustrated the investment that this campus has in the outcome this November.

Now, let’s prove it.

With this election, it cannot be said too many times: register to vote, and submit a request for an absentee ballot if you are not a registered voter in Massachusetts. Too often, the reason for not voting comes down to a missed deadline or a forgotten form. As clear as it is that students care about this election, there are too many ways that a well-intending would-be voter can become a part of the non-voter statistic. Don’t let that happen. Today, secure your spot to vote.

Williams has already been rocking the vote. Efforts to get out the absentee ballot vote on campus have begun impressively. Visitations to entries as well as sign-ups in Paresky have already increased awareness. Although the Huffington lecture is the second-to-last in a lineup of three high-profile, politically minded speakers (beginning with James Carville last spring and finishing up with William Kristol this semester), students can do their part to bring this election-awareness torch out of Chapin and run it through the rest of campus. Discussions on WSO about Sarah Palin should be just the beginning.

The Record would like to join in on the effort to direct student attention towards this important election. Thus, we will be accepting political op-ed pieces for our opinions section over the coming weeks. While the opinions section historically has been reserved for op-eds relating directly to the College, we feel that the diverse views of students on this election merit a place within these pages. After all, the outcome of this election will penetrate this Purple Bubble just as surely as did trayless dining – and with a far greater impact.

Living in rural isolation does not exempt us from being responsible U.S. and global citizens, and this newspaper would be negligent if it did not make room for these considerations. Whether you cast your allegiance on the far right, far left or somewhere in between, we want to hear your thoughts on this election. Although published only once a week, the Record can be a dynamic forum for continuing political dialogue. So perpetuate this dialogue and help create an informed community ready for the responsibility of voting.

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