College Council launches all-campus calendar for social and club events

College Council launched a new campus events calendar designed to inform students about social and club-related happenings last Thursday. To popularize it, CC Co-presidents Peter Nurnberg ’09 and Jeremy Goldstein ’09 have decided to give CC funding only to those event planners who agree to post their events on the calendar.

The idea of such a calendar initially came from an Office of Campus Life committee last year. This fall, Nurnberg and Goldstein made enacting it a priority, aiming to create an organizational resource for the entire student body that CC can hone as the year unfolds.

Concerns that some students are simply unaware of certain campus events spurred the implementation of the calendar. “There’s a demand for knowing what’s going on,” Nurnberg noted.

If used correctly, the calendar will help event planners determine the best dates to throw events and minimize uneven distribution of weekend activities.

Students can add events to the calendar by sending e-mails to Members of the community can currently access it through the CC web site and will eventually be able to link to the page from Williams Students Online (WSO).

CC sent out the first and last all campus e-mail alert regarding the calendar on Thursday. For the remainder of the year, students can choose to join an e-mail listserv to receive weekly calendar updates.

Currently, the primary calendar linked to the College’s homepage and WSO is At Williams, which posts three categories of events: visual and performing arts; lectures and presentations; and exhibitions and workshops. This calendar aims to consolidate a listing of the social events and club activities that do not appear on At Williams but make up the bulk of many students’ weekly schedules.

CC members are hopeful that restricting funding to only those events on the calendar will induce event planners to publicize campus activities and thus help alleviate some campus life dissatisfaction. “We know the calendar won’t solve everything, but maybe it will help,” Goldstein said.

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